Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Wizard of Oz (Burton)

Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey

"The Wizard of Oz"

Directed By: Tim Burton
Written By: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
Music By: Danny Elfman

Principal Cast:

Kate Winslet as Dorothy
Johnny Depp as the Scarecrow
Will Ferrell as the Cowardly Lion
Mark Wahlberg as the Tin Man
Christopher Lee as the Wizard
Helena Bonham Carter as the Wicked Witch
Nicole Kidman as the Good Witch of the North
Maggie Smith as Auntie Em
Bob Hoskins as Uncle Henry

Tagline: "Follow the Yellow Brick Road...."

Synopsis: A remake of the 1939 classic, Tim Burton style...

What the press would say:

Tim Burton has performed magic again and turned an old classic into a modern one. Burton's impeccable vision bring a darker side to the Wizard of Oz.

This movie proves that almost anything can be "Burtonized". This movie is a lock for the academy and should clean up on the technical awards.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actress- Kate Winslet
Supporting Actor- Christopher Lee
Adapted Screenplay
Art Direction
Visual Effects

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