Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bloody Sunday

Author: Charles
Location: New York, New York

"Bloody Sunday"

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Written By: Akiva Goldsman
Music by: John Williams

Principal Cast:

Adrien Brody (Leader of the Revolution)
Imelda Stauton (The "mother of the Revolution)
Naomi Watts (One of the two women in love)
Keira Knightly (One of the two women in love)
Leonardo Dicaprio (Revolution member)
Daniel Day-Lewis (Revolution Member)

Tagline: "Die for Tomorrow"

Synopsis: This is the story of the revolt that took place in Russia during the early Communist days. This is the story of the men, and their fight against their inner demons, and the women who stood behind them. The day of this massacre is known as Bloody Sunday.

What the press would say:

This is an emotional film, that makes you really understand the brutality of Communism. Brilliantly acted by Adrian Brody, as the quiet, yet fierce leader. The most intriguing character is the woman that is played by Imelda Stauton. Her quiet and compassionate performance could give her, her second Oscar Nomination. "Bloody Sunday" is a remarkable and shocking look at brutality, and how a band of peasants can make a statement that will last for eternity.

Best Picture
Best Actor- Adrien Brody
Best Actress- Naomi Watts
Best Supporting Actor- Leonardo Dicaprio
Best Supporting Actress- Imelda Stauton, Kiera Knightly
Best Director- Steven Spielberg
Best Original Score- John Williams
Best Costume Design
Best Art Direction
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing

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