Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: Liliana Falco
Location: Lima, Peru


Directed by: Tim Burton
Written by: Tim Burton & Charlie Kaufman
Music by: Danny Elfman

Principal Cast:

Emma Watson (Alice)
Johnny Depp (Lewis Carroll)
Jim Carrey (mad hatter)
Jack Nicholson (Cheshire Cat (voice and model))
Ewan Mcgregor (white rabbit (voice))
Danny DeVito (caterpillar)
Helena Bonham Carter (Queen of Hearts)
Wil Ferrell and Steve Carell (Tweedledee & tweedledum (with a lot of makeup))
Steve Buscemi (march hare (voice))

Tagline: "Wonderland will become Nightmareland"

Synopsis: Tim Burton and Charlie Kaufman got together to create a very particular vision of the Lewis Carroll classic "Alice in Wonderland". Full of darkness and dark humor, Alice, played by Harry Potter star Emma Watson, gets inside this fantasy world of madness where she'll discover imagination is a very strong force that can do wonders... or nightmares. It all turns into a search for live together with writer Lewis Carroll as while writing the book kind of gets also trapped inside this crazy and dark world.

What the press would say:

Tim Burton and Charlie Kaufman turn out to be the best match in movie making! Probably giving Tim Burton his well deserved Oscar nomination. An amazing performance by Johnny Depp the writer with an awesome imagination that gets trapped in his own creation. Also good performances by Jim Carrey as a completely (but clever) Mad hatter and Helena Bonham Carter as an also very real (or surreal) Queen of Hearts. Funny stuff comes when seeing Will Ferrell and Steve Carrel in the Tweedle brothers costumes and Jack Nicholson's animated face in the Cheshire Cat. Great Music and specially Visual Effects make this one of the most imaginative and creative movies since ever.

That means it'll get a lot nominations at the Oscars, we wouldn't be surprised to see something like this:

Best Picture (Tim Burton, Danny DeVito (producers)
Best Director (Tim Burton)
Best Adapted Screenplay (Tim Burton and Charlie Kaufman)
Best Actor: Johnny Depp
Best Supporting Actor: Jim Carrey
Best Supporting Actress: Helena Bonham Carter
Original Score (Danny Elfman)
Original Song "Alone in the Shadows"
Art Direction
Costume Design
Sound Mixing
Visual Effects

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