Sunday, June 22, 2008

All About Eve

Author: Michael
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"All About Eve"

Directed by Sofia Coppola
Written by Sofia Coppola & Charlie Kaufman
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Kate Winslet: Margo Channing
Scarlett Johansson: Eve Harrington
Jack Nicholson: Addison DeWitt
Michelle Williams: Karen Richards
Johnny Depp: Bill Sampson
Jake Gyllenhaal: Lloyd Richards
Jude Law: Max Fabian
Keira Knightley: Phoebe
Keisha-Castle Hughes: Miss Caswell
Emma Thompson: Birdie Coonan

Tagline: "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"

Synopsis: The latest reinvention of the 1950 legendary classic is being helmed by Academy Award directing nominee Sofia Coppola. Oscar winning screenplay writer Charlie Kaufman will collaborate with Coppola to bring the classic to new heights.

What the press would say:

Kate Winslet leads a star-studded cast as Margo Channing, the legendary Broadway actress Margo Channing. Winslet has de-glammed herself once again in order to look the part of a 42-year-old. Scarlett Johansson will face off with Kate Winslet's protagonist as Eve Harrington. Between them, the cast could earn countless Oscar nomination. Whether this new re-make would beat the original's record of the most acting nominations received by actresses in a single movie remains unclear, but an early campaign boosts their chances.

Best Picture
Best Director: Sofia Coppola
Best Adapted Screenplay: Charlie Kaufman and Sofia Coppola
Best Original Score: John Williams
Best Actress: Kate Winslet
Best Supporting Actress (or Best Actress): Scarlett Johansson
Best Supporting Actress: Michelle Williams
Best Supporting Actress: Emma Thompson
Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson

Together with nominations for various technical categories

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