Sunday, June 22, 2008

Questions of Morality

Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, IL

"Questions of Morality"

Directed by Clint Eastwood
Written by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Ethan Hawke (Frank D. Cunnings)
Oded Fehr (Jamal Alzeez)
Paul Giamatti (Ritchie Corners)
Hilary Swank (Angela Brower)
Jack Nicholson (Ray Killster)
Clint Eastwood (Judge Harold Williams)

Tagline: "To be decided among a jury of your peers"

Synopsis: Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke plays Frank Cunnings, an ambitious and notorious New York defense attorney who has the great record of never losing a case as well as having a reputation as a wild night cruiser and playboy. One day his boss Ritchie, played by fellow Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti, drops him a case in which a Middle Eastern man, played by Oded Fehr (The Mummy Returns), was accused of an attempted terrorist attack on a popularized public building.

Frank sees almost unbeatable situation as an advantage; if he can win this case, then he can have the most power a lawyer can have. Not only does he need to fend off the remarks of his quick-witted prosecutor, Oscar winner Jack Nicholson, his "more-fling-than-love" girlfriend, Oscar winner Hilary Swank, and a stern-hearted judge, director Clint Eastwood, but he must also find a way to convince the jury to decide not to sentence this man towards a guilty plea, something that will prove very difficult. Eastwood once again takes on the leadership role as director while Oscar nominated writer George Clooney provides a crisp script that was revised by Oscar winning writer Quentin Tarantino. Howard Shore provides the score.

What the press would say:

Clint Eastwood, who has already directed two Best Picture winners and winning Best Director twice himself, amazes the audience once again with this stern and fascinating look on today's morals and how it might affect the majority of us within society. Ethan Hawke gives a virtuoso performance, presenting much range and emotion for his character. The supporting cast is also very well, including from little known Oded Fehr who breaks through here as a talented actor, the always marvelous Jack Nicholson and Eastwood himself is excellent this time in a supporting role. Howard Shore also provides an eerie score that is both haunting and fantastic. It's campaign is hoping this:

Best Picture
Best Director: Clint Eastwood
Best Actor: Ethan Hawke
Best Supporting Actor: Oded Fehr
Best Supporting Actor: Clint Eastwood
Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson
Best Supporting Actress: Hilary Swank
Best Original Screenplay: George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino
Best Art Direction
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing

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