Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Queen of Egypt

Author: Michael L.
Location: Unknown

"The Queen of Egypt"

Directed by Baz Luhrman
Written by John Logan
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Uma Thurman(Hatshepsut)
Russell Crowe(Thuthmose 2)
Anthony Hopkins(Thuthmose)
Helen Mirren(Queen Ahmose)
Jake Gyllenhaal(Thuthmose 3)
Leanardo DiCaprio
Rachel McAdams

Tag Line: She was one of the most successful pharaohs ever, but her real story is much more complicated. On December 15,2007 see her story.

Synopsis: Taking place in the late 16th century BC Egypt. The movie follows the first Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut (Uma Thurman) daughter of Thuthmose( Anthony Hopkins) and Queen Ahmose (Helen Mirren). After the death of her abusive husband at a young age( Russell Crowe) she takes over the throne because her husbands son Thuthmose 3(Jake Gyllenhaal) from his first marriage was too young. She faced a love greater than any power she knew within herself to resist, a throne harder than imaginable, and a plot to take her life from one of her loved ones. All this within her 21 years on the throne.

What the Press would say:

Uma Thurman pulls of the performance of a lifetime playing a queen who is driven to near insanity in The Queen of Egypt. Joining Thurman is Helen Mirren iplaying a cold, bitter queen. Anthony Hopkins gives a career best performance. Russell Crowe is getting tons of buzz for his performance as Hatshepsut's abusive hsuband. Leanardo Dicaprio plays the queens lover in what goes beyond that heartthrob role into something deeper. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a mean, selfish man who will do anything to become pharaoh, much different than his other performances. Rachel McAdams plays a servant whos not afraid to speak her mind even when it gets her near death. Baz Luhrman creates a film with beautiful art direction, wonderful design, and most of all a story that will last through time of love, murder, and courage.

Early campaigns for these nods:

Best Actress-Uma Thurman
Best Actor-Leanardo DiCaprio

Best S. Actor-Anthony Hopkins
Jake Gyllenhaal
Russell Crowe

Best S. Actress-Helen Miren
Rachel McAdams

Best Director
Best O. Screenplay
along with techs and art direction etc.

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