Sunday, June 22, 2008

John, Jack and Jess

Author: Tom Manship
Location: England

"Jack, John, Jane and Jess"

Director: Robert Redford
Written by Alvin Sargent

Principal Cast:

Jamie Bell (Jack Flynn)
Peter O'Toole (John Ellis)
Laura Linney (Jane Flynn)
Dakota Fanning (Jess Flynn)

Tagline: "Tragedy is blind"

Synopsis: After the death of her husband and mother in 2 years, Jane (Linney) is a single parent, who now has to deal with her aging and cancerous father (O'Toole) as well the struggles of teenagers (Bell and Fanning). When tragedy strikes in the form of a virulent cancer in her son, she must lead her family through this next ordeal, and come out stronger on the other side

What the press would say:

This stunning drama captures tragedy in it's rawest form. The Oscar winning team of Redford and Sargent come together to produce a sheer rollercoaster of emotions. With stellar performances from Linney, Bell, O'Toole and Fanning, Oscar will surely come knocking in March"

Oscar attempts:

Best Picture
Best Director: Robert Redford
Best Original Screenplay: Alvin Sargent
Best Actress: Laura Linney
Best Supporting Actor: Jamie Bell
Best Supporting Actor: Peter O'Toole
Best Supporting Actress: Dakota Fanning

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