Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Carpenter

Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey

"The Carpenter"

Directed by: Franco Zefferelli
Written by: Franco Zefferelli
Music by: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Ryan Reynolds as Joseph
Keira Knightley as Mary
Hayden Christiansen as the Young Jesus

Tagline: A Man, A Carpenter, A Father....

Synopsis: The untold story about Jesus' earthly father, Joseph the Carpenter and how he struggles to realize the truth about his son.

What the press would say:

Franco Zefferelli returns to direct Ryan Reynolds in his most serious performance to date as Joseph the carpenter. Zefferelli takes a direction that few have and shows the story of Jesus from a different point of view. Keira Knightley is sweet and innocent as the virgin Mary and Hayden Christiansen is stellar as the young, humble Jesus of Nazareth. But the star of this show is Reynolds and his emotionally satisfying performance as the New Testament's forgotten character.

Best Picture
Best Director: Franco Zefferelli
Best Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Best Actress: Keira Knightley
Best Supporting Actor: Hayden Christiansen
Best Art Direction
Best Costume
Best Makeup
Best Original Score

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