Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Music and You

Author: Francisco Fernandez
Location: Mexico

"The Music and You"

Directed By: Alfonso Cuarón
Written By: Sam Mendes
Music by: Howard Shore

Main Cast:
Cillian Murphy (Paul Johnson)
Reese Witherspoon (Michelle Standford)
David Wenham (William Wenham)
Stanley Tucci (Principal Burrows)
Brittany Murphy ( Jenny)

Tagline: Someone hates his life...

Synopsis: From the director of "Y tu mama tambien", the movie "The Music and You" is
a lovely, sad, human story about love, sex, betrayal and passion. Paul (Cillian Murphy) is a teacher (Music Teacher) in Churchill High school in London. He hates his life, he's a pessimist, he hates himself, specially, his skinny body. His friend William (Wenham) meets a very beautiful teacher, Michelle (Witherspoon) that fall in love of Paul. Together, Paul and Michelle, will have a discovery, finding the true love, the meaning of life and lessons of the heart.

What the Press would say:

Wenham gives an amazing performance as the crazy friend of Paul, William. Stanley Tucci, as well, gives a short, but beautiful performance as the Principal Burrows, Cuarón is a talented man, the directing is beautiful, the script by Mendes is so strong and powerful, "The Music and You" is like a bullet that crash in your heart. simply, the best of the year

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Supporting Actor - David Wenham
Best Supporting Actor - Stanley Tucci
Best Original Song- Howard Shore, "For you and only for you"
Best Original Score- Howard Shore
Best Editing

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