Sunday, June 22, 2008

All About Eve

Author: Michael
Location: Singapore

"All About Eve"

Directed by Sofia Coppola
Written by Sofia Coppola & Charlie Kaufman
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Kate Winslet: Margo Channing
Scarlett Johansson: Eve Harrington
Jack Nicholson: Addison DeWitt
Michelle Williams: Karen Richards
Johnny Depp: Bill Sampson
Jake Gyllenhaal: Lloyd Richards
Jude Law: Max Fabian
Keira Knightley: Phoebe
Keisha-Castle Hughes: Miss Caswell
Emma Thompson: Birdie Coonan

Tagline: "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"

Synopsis: The latest reinvention of the 1950 legendary classic is being helmed by Academy Award directing nominee Sofia Coppola. Oscar winning screenplay writer Charlie Kaufman will collaborate with Coppola to bring the classic to new heights.

What the press would say:

Kate Winslet leads a star-studded cast as Margo Channing, the legendary Broadway actress Margo Channing. Winslet has de-glammed herself once again in order to look the part of a 42-year-old. Scarlett Johansson will face off with Kate Winslet's protagonist as Eve Harrington. Between them, the cast could earn countless Oscar nomination. Whether this new re-make would beat the original's record of the most acting nominations received by actresses in a single movie remains unclear, but an early campaign boosts their chances.

Best Picture
Best Director: Sofia Coppola
Best Adapted Screenplay: Charlie Kaufman and Sofia Coppola
Best Original Score: John Williams
Best Actress: Kate Winslet
Best Supporting Actress (or Best Actress): Scarlett Johansson
Best Supporting Actress: Michelle Williams
Best Supporting Actress: Emma Thompson
Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson

Together with nominations for various technical categories


Author: J.D. Judge
Location: Niagara Falls, New York

Directed by Zhang Yimou
Written by Akiva Goldsman
Original Music by Shigeru Umebayashi
"Legends (The Theme)" composed and written by Shigeru Umebayashi & Tim Rice

Main Cast:
Josh Hutcherson as Kevin Meran
Daveigh Chase as Anna
George Clooney as President Meran
Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Meran
Freddie Highmore as Jamie Linley
Scarlett Johansson as Domi Engull
~and the voices of~
Ziyi Zhang as Pikachu
Tom Kenny as Squirtle
Ralph Fiennes as Lugia

"Even though it might not have existed, it meant so much to many people."

One of the biggest animes of all time, "Pokemon" comes to the screen in live-action. In 2293, the remains of the old earth are being discovered piece by piece. The archaeologists digging all over the planet conclude to one common theory: Pokemon roamed the earth. They regail of their thoughts of the same story of the great World War III, which, as they thought was a great war of the Power of Pokemon. Kevin Meran is the President's son, who leads the revolution from the enslaving Sea-land Pokemon and the adventures and life of this apparent "god" by the future people.

Zhang Yimou directs first English-language film, which is written by Academy Award-winner Akiva Goldsman. Shigeru Umebayashi composes the score, with help for the song "Legends (The Theme)" by Academy Award-winning lyricist Tim Rice.

What the Press would say:

Warner has gone all out for this visual masterpiece of action, drama, romance, and an acting ensemble worthy of any award given. Josh Hutcherson gives one the best performances ever given by an actor under the age of 30, and this is all from a Pokemon movie! Already a winner of an amazing 8 Golden Globe awards and 3 SAG awards, including Best Ensemble, it has a record 15 nominations at the Oscars, including one for Ralph Fiennes, who played the CGI Lugia, the first in the Academy's history:

Best Picture (GG and SAG winner (Ensemble))
Best Director - Zhang Yimou (GG and PGA winner)
Best Actor - Josh Hutcherson (GG and SAG winner)
Best Supporting Actor - George Clooney (GG and SAG winner)
Best Supporting Actor - Ralph Fiennes (GG and SAG nominee)
Best Supporting Actress - Nicole Kidman (GG winner and SAG nominee)
Best Original Screenplay - Akiva Goldsmith (GG and WGA winner)
Best Original Score - Shigeru Umebayashi (GG winner)
Best Original Song - "Legends (The Theme)" Written by Shigeru Umebayashi and Tim Rice (GG winner)
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography - Christopher Doyle
Best Makeup
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Visual Effects
...which a good chance in every one.

Black & White

Author: Michael Lundholm
Location: Unknown

"Black & White"
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Written by John Logan
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast

Uma Thurman (detective Williams)
Nicole Kidman (Senators Wife/Victoria Hasselden)
Denzel Washington (James Wooden)
Matt Damon (Attorney/ Thomas Cleary)
Clive Owen (Senator Craig Hasselden)
Gene Hackman (Attorney/Gregory Wilton)
Kevin Bacon (Detective Frank Milston)
Teri Hatcher (Reporter Michelle Shepherd)
Heath Ledger (Drug Dealing boyfriend/Dane Shaw)
Sophie Okonedo (Amanda Wooden)

Tagline: One murder will tear apart a small town 12/17/07

Synopsis: In 1994 in a small town in Georgia the murder of the troubled daughter of a senator shakes up the small town. All hands immediately point to a local black carpenter (Denzel Washington). The crime becomes big national news especially since the girls father holds high esteem in Washington (Clive Owen) who appears to have the perfect life with his seemingly perfect wife (Nicole Kidman). This brings one of Washington's top detectives to the town (Uma Thurman) and (Kevin Bacon) to figure out the case, even though neither of them can't figure out their own lives. It also brings an aging bitchy news reporter (Teri Hatcher) who will do anything to get the inside story. No intelligent lawyer will take Woodens (Washington) case, until Detective Williams (Thurman) calls in some favors and gets a promising young lawyer (Matt Damon) to take on one of Hollywood's best lawyers (Gene Hackman). All this leads to discoveries about the "perfect family", connections, secrets, racial questioning and much much more.

What the Press would Say:

One of the finest ensembles ever put together on screen directed by one of hollywoods most respected directors. Uma Thurman takes the lead as a beautiful yet troubled detective, with brown hair. Washington plays a gentle soul as the lead suspect. Nicole Kidman gains a southern accent as a trophy wife who has more of an edge to her than may be noticed. Matt Damon plays a promising young lawyer. Clive Owen gets an American accent as a senator with plenty to hide. Gene Hackman plays a Hollywood lawyer who will go as far as possible to assure his client the win! Kevin Bacon plays a rugged former convict turned detective. While Teri Hatcher an actress who is more know for her weight and personal problems than her acting sows her chops as a bitchy aging news reporter with some high up connections. Heath Ledger plays a drug dealer and Sophie Okonedo plays a loving yet strong-willed wife to Denzel Washington. The considerable nominations could go like this:

Best Picture
Best Director: Clint Eastwood
Best Original Screenplay: John Logan
Best Original Score: Howard Shore
Best Actress: Uma Thurman
Best Actor: Denzel Washington
Best S. Actress- Nicole Kidman, Teri Hatcher & Sophie Okonedo
Best S. Actor- Matt Damon, Clive Owen, Gene Hackman, Kevin Bacon & Heath Ledger

All of the main cast has had Oscar nominations except Golden Globe Winner Teri Hatcher. The rest of the cast is also very famous

Sally Hemmings

Author: Anonymous
Location: Unknown

"Sally Hemmings"

Produced by Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Spike Lee and Steven Spielburg
Directed by Rob Marshell
Written by Woody Allen
Music by Philip Glass

Principal Cast:

Halle Berry (Sally Hemmings)
Jack Nicholson (President Thomas Jefferson)
Sally Hemmings Mom ( Oprah Winfrey)

"Love comes in all colors."

The American scandal that teacher's have not taught us. About the affair between Thomas Jefferson and his slave mistress Sally Hemmings. Oscar nominated cast and crew. Stunning costume designs by Colleen Atwood.

What the Press would say:

Just when everyone thought Halle Berry couldn't act she gives a stunning performance as Sally Hemmings. Three time Oscar winner Jack Nicholson proves he can too do a serious dramatic historical-epic by giving a flawless performance. Nominated for 8 Oscars. Not since Color Purple.

Best Actress: Halle Berry
Best Supporting Actress : Oprah Winfrey
Best Actor: Jack Nicholson
Best Original Score: Philip Glass
Best Picture:
Best Costume Design: Colleen Atwood
Best Director : Rob Marshell
Best Original Song: "The Roots of Ebony" Arethra Franklin


Author: Brian
Location: Minneapolis, MN.

Stephen Sondheim's
Directed by Rob Marshall
Adapted Screenplay by Tony Kushner
Music by Stephen Sondheim (including new original song)

Principal Cast:

Sally Durant Plummer: Meryl Streep
Buddy Plummer: Richard Gere
Phyllis Rogers Stone: Barbara Streisand
Ben Stone: John Lithgow
Young Sally: Kristin Bell (of Veronica Mars)
Young Buddy: Christian Campbell (of Trick)
Young Phyllis: Idina Menzel (of Rent and Broadway's Wicked)
Young Ben: Ewan McGregor
Carlotta Campion: Shirley MacLaine
Stella Deems: Harriet Harris (of Desperate Housewives)
Hattie Walker: Angela Lansbury
Solange LaFitte: Joanna Gleason
Emily Whitman: Ellen Burstyn
Theodore Whitman: Paul Newman

There's no business like show business...


It's the early 1970s and the Weismann Theatre in New York is about to be demolished. Before the wrecking ball transforms the theatre into a parking lot, a reunion is being held for past performers in the Weismann Follies, staged between the years of 1918 and 1942. Former Follies performers restage former numbers, tell their successes and failures. The evening also brings back together four friends, now two married couples: Sally & Buddy and Phyllis & Ben. They relive many moments from their past (good and bad), agonize over lost love, broken marriages, lies and love.

What the Press Would Say:

Barbara Streisand, Meryl Streep, John Lithgow and Richard Gere lead a talented cast in one of the greatest musicals in Broadway history, practically made to transfer to the screen. Completing the cast are Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Ewan MacGregor and Christian Campbell as the younger counterparts of the leading characters, Shirley MacLaine in a star turn as a movie star losing her fame and Angela Lansbury as a hard-edged, aging performer. Between the principal cast, director, screenwriter and composer, they have 6 Oscars, 14 Emmys, 37 Golden Globes and 11 Tonys. Their campaign includes potential nominations for:

Best Picture
Best Director: Rob Marshall
Best Adapted Screenplay: Tony Kushner
Best Original Score: Stephen Sondheim
Best Original Song: Stephen Sondheim
Best Actor: John Lithgow
Best Actor: Richard Gere
Best Actress: Meryl Streep
Best Actress: Barbara Streisand
Best Supporting Actress: Shirley MacLaine
Many technical awards, including Art Direction, Costume Design and Make-Up.

Submitted by Brian of Minneapolis, MN.


Author: Liliana Raez
Location: Lima, Peru


Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Written by: Kenneth Lonergan
Music by: Elmer Bernstein
Cinematography by: Conrad P. Hall

Principal Cast:

Robert DeNiro- Charlie Montisanti (mob leader)
Edie Falco- Selma Montisanti ( DeNiro's wife)
Leonardo DiCaprio- Miguel Montisanti Mariatto (DeNiro's secret son)
Matt Damon- John Stronich (private investigator that will hunt DeNiro down)
Drea DeMatteo- Adriana Mariatto (DiCaprio's mother)
Maggie Smith- Julia Montisanti (DeNiro's mom with a boring performance because no film's perfect and also, I hate this b*tch)
Al Pacino- Furio Castellucio (other gangster leader)

There are many troubles being a gangster, but there's just one family and just one life.

Martin Scorsese's gangsters return in his latest film about the leader of Italian mob falling into decadence when his business with other gangsters leaders and his relationship with his wife fall apart plus: he'll discover he has a forgotten son in Venecia and he'll have to introduce him into the "family".

What Press Will Say:

Martin Scorsese got to be recognized with the Oscar this time. An incredible cast starring Robert DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio and an amazing Edie Falco plus the incredible writing of Kenneth Lonergan that gives the movie a funny touch make this the best mob movie since "The Godfather". With incredible Italian locations and an amazing cinematography by academy award winner Conrad P. Hall make this year's definitive Oscar winner so far. the most probable to become Oscar-winners are Edie Falco in the role of a desperate wife and Al Pacino with not so much screen-time but a hearth touching performance as the mob leader with aids. We wouldn't get shocked if we see something like this on the nomination morning.

Best Picture
Best Director: Martin Scorsese
Best Original Screenplay: Kenneth Lonergan
Best Lead Actor: Robert DeNiro
Best Lead Actress: Edie Falco
Best Suppporting Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Best Supporting Actor: Al Pacino
Best Supporting Actress: Maggie Smith
Best Supporting Actress: Drea DeMatteo
Cinematography: Conrad P. Hall
Original Score: Elmer Bernstein
Original Song: "Venecia" by U2
and more...

The Great Gatsby (Coppola)

Author: Scott Youngbauer
Location: Unknown

"The Great Gatsby"

Directed by Sofia Coppola
Written by Sofia Coppola
Produced by Francis Ford Coppola, Robert DeNiro
Music by Thomas Newman
Director of Photography: Dion Beebe

Principal Cast:

Gatsby: Matt Damon
Daisy: Reese Witherspoon
Nick: Nick Stahl
Tom Buchanan: Josh Lucus
Myrtle Wilson: Michelle Williams
George Wilson: Danny Huston
Jordan Baker: Amy Adams

Tag Line: Discover Gatsby... November 07

Release Date: 11/15/07

Synopsis: Acclaimed director Sofia Coppola adapts the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby. Coppola promises to stay true to Fitzgerald’s novel and she hopes people will rediscover the American classic. Her father Francis Ford Coppola and his pal Robert DeNiro will oversee the production by as producers. As with all of Sofia’s films she plans to adapt the novel herself. Music will by academy award nominee Thomas Newman and Cinematography will be by Dion Beebe who is fresh of his Oscar win for Memoirs of a Geisha.

What the Press would say:

Matt Damon has often been called the next Robert Redford and he will continue to follow in his cinematic footsteps by playing Gatsby in the latest film adaptation of The Great Gatsby directed by Sofia Coppola. Off the success of The Good Shepard Damon has huge Oscar buzz behind playing the lavish Gatsby. Witherspoon is cast opposite of Gatsby as Daisy. Reese is a lock in the Best Actress category. I’m suspecting Michelle Williams might have a dark horse nomination for best supporting actress.

An early campaign for these nods.

Director: Sofia Coppola
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Actor: Matt Damon
Sup. Actor: Nick Stahl, Josh Lucus, and Danny Huston.
Sup. Actress: Michelle Williams and Amy Adams
Adapted Screenplay: Sofia Coppola
Cinematography: Dion Beebe
Original Score: Thomas Newman
As well as all other technical categories.


Author: Steve
Location: Lafayette, IN


Directed by Paul Haggis
Written by Mike White & Todd Solondz
Music by Thomas Newman
Director of Photography: Bruno Delbonnel

Principal Cast:

Mike: Jake Gyllenhaal
Magdalena: Catalina Sandino Moreno
Missy: Scarlett Johansson
Dr. Mortensen: Kevin Pollack
Monica: Taraji P. Henson
Matthew: Daniel Dae Kim

Tagline: You don’t think you know who you are? You know who you are. Yeah, you sure do know. Yeah ... yeah, baby, oooooh, yeahhhhhhh.

Synopsis: Gyllenhaal and Moreno play Mike and Magdalena, two Angelenos who are perfect for one another, but never connect. Eventually, Mike and Magdalena turn their search for love to self-love. Meanwhile, Dr. Mortensen’s self-help group splinters under intense pressure. With so many fractured souls seeking connection, but not finding any in the City of Angels, they take their frustrations, passions - and much, much more - in hand for a stunning climax.

With the probing direction of Haggis (Crash), a pounding script by White (Chuck & Buck and Solondz (Happiness, Welcome to the Dollhouse), the playful, pulsating score by Newman (American Beauty, Finding Nemo) and the tasteful cinematography by Delbonnel (Amelie, A Very Long Engagement), Onan can change the world ... one viewer at a time.

What the press would say:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Catalina Sandino Moreno lead a talented, young, hip and urban multicultural cast in Paul Haggis’ follow-up to the Oscar-winning Crash. Henson and Johansson provide ample support, while Kim and Pollak will break hearts as a loving heterosexual-identified male couple kept apart by a rickety old truck and a calendar overbooked with fishing trips.

Lions Focus Gate Films and George Clooney Intl. Ltd. are campaigning for the following honors:

Best Picture
Best Director: Paul Haggis
Best Screenplay: Mike White, Todd Solondz
Best Score: Thomas Newman
Best Song: "I Wanna Be Loved By Me, By Me and Nobody Else But Me," Dolly Parton
Best Cinematography: Bruno Delbonnel
Best Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
Best Actress: Catalina Sandino Moreno
Best Supp. Actor: Kevin Pollack, Daniel Dae Kim
Best Supp. Actress: Taraji P. Henson, Scarlett Johansson

The Great Gatsby (Minghella)

Author: Todd
Location: New Jersey

"The Great Gatsby"

Director: Anthony Minghella
Writer: Paul Haggis
Score: Thomas Newman
Featuring the Song “American Dream” by Annie Lennox

Principal Cast:

Gatsby: Jude Law
Daisy: Julia Roberts
Nick: Matt Damon
Jordan: Reese Witherspoon
Wolfsheim: Al Pacino
Tom Buchanan: John C. Reilly

Tagline: We’re all searching for our own American Dream. Find yours
this November.

Synopsis: Oscar winner Anthony Minghella brings an epic feel to Paul Haggis’dialogue heavy adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Two time Oscar nominee Jude Law stars as the suave but emotionally unstable Jay Gatsby, who reinvents his image to win the affection of his long lost love, Daisy,played by Oscar winner Julia Roberts, who has married the overbearing and racistTom, played by Oscar nominee John C. Reilly. Examining the culture of high society America in the 1920s we meet the morally flexible Jordan (Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon) and the corrupt gambler Wolfsheim (Oscar Winner Al Pacino).

What the press would say:

Anthony Minghella’s best film since his award winning The English Patient is this powerful recreation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American classic, The Great Gatsby. Paul Haggis shows the same incredible talent that got him Oscar nominations for Million Dollar Baby and Crash with incredible drama and superb dialogue. Re-teaming with Minghella are Jude Law,who plays the title character, the womanizing, wealthy Gatsby, and Matt Damon as the narrator of this incredible story. Law is superb, as is the object of hisdesire, the always winning Julia Roberts. Equally impressive is the always delightful Reese Witherspoon as Nick’s love interest, Jordan. John C. Reilly is memorable as Daisy’s racist husband, and Al Pacino is a scene stealer asWolfsheim, one of Gatsby’s shady associates.

For Your Consideration:

Best Picture
Best Director: Anthony Minghella
Best Actor: Jude Law
Best Actress: Julia Roberts
Best Supporting Actor: John C. Reilly
Best Supporting Actor: Al Pacino
Best Supporting Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Best Adapted Screenplay: Paul Haggis
Best Score: Thomas Newman
Best Song: Annie Lennox- American Dream
And All Other Categories


Author: Jordan
Location: New York


Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Produced by: Martin Scorsese and Michael Man
Written by: Stephen Gaghan and John Logan
Music by: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Thomas Hayden Church as Jimmy Carter
Annette Bening as Rosalyn Carter
Judi Dench as Lillian Carter
Daniel Day Lewis as James Earl Carter, Sr
Alan Alda as Walter Mondale
James Gandolfini as Gerald R. Ford
Tommy Lee Jones as Ronald Reagan
Jeff Daniels as James R. Schlessinger
Geoffrey Rush as Harold Brown
Morgan Freeman as Anwar al-Sadat
Shelley Berman as Menachim Begin
Gary Oldman as George H.W. Bush

Tagline: Beneath the surface of the 39th President, there was a man…

Release Date
October 5, 2007

Synopsis: As former President Jimmy Carter prepares to accept the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, he reflects on his life. He recalls his early youth and how he spent it on a peanut farm run by his Baptist parents. He recalls the changing times during World War II and Vietnam. He recalls his years as governor of Georgia before becoming President of the United States and urging for global peace and prosperity. Jimmy Carter, while only serving one term in office, challenges the boundaries of the presidency by ignoring the practices of congress. He looks to his wife, Rosalyn, for help in his darkest hours, and is forced to face the facts when he loses an unsuccessful re-election campaign in 1980. This is the story of a simple man’s life, from farm boy to president. This is the story of Jimmy Carter.

What the press would say:

“Carter” has been in development for nearly a decade now, yet buzz never seemed to fade away. Martin Scorsese, who took on the project after Oliver Stone dropped out, jumps ship from his typical gangster films, like he did with “The Age of Innocence” in 1993, and directs an excellent ensemble cast in a bold and daring political biography. Thomas Haden Church gives a breathtaking performance as Jimmy Carter, and while hidden under a few layers of prosthetics, he hits the 39th president just right. It’ll be Church who will walk away with the Oscar for Best Actor come Oscar night. Annette Bening also offers a career best as Carter’s passionate yet questioning wife, Rosalyn, who feels trapped with her life in the White House. Great supporting performances come from Alan Alda as obscure Vice President Walter Mondale, Judi Dench as Carter’s mother, and Tommy Lee Jones in a scene-stealing role as Ronald Reagan. The film is a lock for a Best Picture nomination, and it looks like Scorsese should be getting that Oscar he so rightfully deserves.


Best Picture- Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann
Best Actor- Thomas Hayden Church
Best Actress- Annette Bening
Best Supporting Actor- Alan Alda
Best Supporting Actress- Judi Dench
Best Director- Martin Scorsese
Best Adapted Screenplay- Stephen Galghan, John Logan
Best Score- Hans Zimmer
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design

Chain Reaction

Author: Brian Erickson
Location: Unknown

"Chain Reaction"

Directed by Ang Lee
Written by Akiva Goldsman
Score by Danny Elfman

Principal Cast:

Gene Hackman (The Current Ray Farson)
Amy Adams (Carrie Farson, Ray’s wife who is too nice and forgiving for her own good)
George Clooney (Harry Farson, Ray’s autistic brother who lives with him throughout life)
Tom Hanks (The Middle-Aged Ray Farson)
Leonardo DiCaprio (The Young Ray Farson)
Jennifer Connely (Carrie’s lifelong friend, Kate McClintock)
Morgan Freeman (Radio Personality Mike Henders)

Tagline: Love is more than a spark.

Synopsis: Ray Farson’s story begins at age 21, when he lights his first cigarette. Ray becomes more and more addicted to the nicotine, and goes through marriage, the caretaking of his autistic brother and American history from the years 1946-2005, all while burning tobacco. The film is told by the current Ray Farson, doing an interview on Henders’ Heroes, a show that interviews random people. Ray experiences the health risks of smoking and the risks we all take in everyday life.

What the press would say:

In one of the most innovative and original films of recent history, “Chain Reaction” features an all star cast, a darkly funny and dramatic script and one of the most mysterious characters in movie history. The part of Ray Farson is so complex and otherworldly, it takes three of today’s best actors to pull off the role. While Ray is doubtlessly the main character of the film, Amy Adams and George Clooney give leading performances as the family that stays by him through thick and thin. Akiva Goldsman (The DaVinci Code, Cinderella Man, A Beautiful Mind) writes, Oscar winner Ang Lee directs and 3-time Oscar nominee Danny Elfman provides a beautiful original score. The film is up for an amazing 15 Oscar nods, listed below.

Best Picture
Best Director (Ang Lee)
Best Actor (George Clooney)
Best Actress (Amy Adams)
Best Supporting Actor (Gene Hackman, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio)
Best Original Screenplay (Avika Goldsman)
Best Original Score (Danny Elfman)
Best Original Song (“Spark” by Bruce Springsteen)
Best Film Editing
Best Sound Mixing
Best Sound Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Art Direction

The Piano Tuner

Author: Jeremy
Location: London, England

"The Piano Tuner"

Directed by: Roman Polanski
Written by: Daniel Mason (novel)
Paul Haggis (screenplay)
Music by: Thomas Newman

Principal Cast:

Adrien Brody (Edgar Drake)
Kate Winslet (Katherine Drake)
Liam Neeson (Anthony Caroll)
Zhang Ziyi (Khin Myo)
Colin Firth (Capt. Nash-Burnham)

Tagline: And then she too disappears...

Synopsis: On a misty London afternoon in 1886, piano tuner Edgar Drake receives a strange request from the War Office; he must leave his wife, and his quite life in London, to travel to the jungles of Burma to tune a rare Erard grand piano. The piano belongs to Surgeon-Major Anthony Caroll, and enigmatic British officer, whose sucess at making peace in the war-torn Shan States is legendary, but whose unorthodox methods have begun to attract suspicions.

What the press would say:

Adrien Brody played the haunting character of Edgar Drake. There's a parallel between his performance in this film and in The Pianist. Brody loss weight gradually whilst filming because his character is infiltrating burma for several days without any proper food. Liam Neeson played the mysterious Anthony Caroll perfectly. His sly delivery of lines made the audience focus on him. Zhang Ziyi stole the show as the seductive and mysterious Khin Myo. Zhang took the audience in another dimension and made them felt that they are walking in the streets of Mandalay.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best adapted screenplay
Best actor: Adrien Brody
Best actor: Liam Neeson
Best supporting actress: Zhang Ziyi
Best supporting actor: Colin Firth
Best Cinematography
Best acheivement in art direction
best cinematography
best costume
best original score
best in sound editing
best achievement in sound


Author: Brett
Location: Wisconsin


Directed by Sam Mendes
Written by Alan Ball
Music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Principal Cast:

Jim Carrey as John Rapaport
Kristin Davis as Julie Rapaport
Famke Janssen as Madame Celeste
Catherine Keener as Madame Lucerne
Giovanni Ribisi as Lyle Wallace
Natalie Portman as Lacie Wallace
Scarlett Johannson as Luella Baker

Tagline: What's hidden in your closet?

Synopsis: John Rapaport (Carrey) is a middle aged vitamin salesman going through a rut in his marriage. His over exhausted wife Julie (Davis) is too preoccupied with her job to have a sexual appetite, leaving John starving for attention. Then, one day at a pharmaceutical convention, John meets the beautiful Celeste Hutton (Janssen). intrigued by her beauty, John starts a secretive affair with Celeste, only to discover she is a dominatrix by night. John continues his affair by frequently visiting Celeste at her place of work, Leather Inc., headed by the abrasive but sexy Madame Lucerne (a never better Catherine Keener). Following his sexual revelation, John introduces his new addiction of domination to his naive neighbor Lyle (Ribisi). However, when Julie and Lyle's wife Laci (Portman) discover their husbands endeavors, they engage in a sly and vindictive sexual retaliation with the help of a gorgeous call girl (Johannson). Soon, the battle of the sexes escalates into a full blown war of whips and chains.

What the press would say:

The Academy Award Winning team that brought you American Beauty delivers another intriguing Comedy starring the marvelously subdued Jim Carrey. Carrey's performance is not only complemented by the team of Mendes and Ball, but also that of the scene-stealing performances of the glorious Catherine Keener, the disarming Famke Janssen, and the
endearing Giovanni Ribisi. This sexy and hard-as-nails film takes you places cinema has never dared to go before! The early Oscar campaign is pushing for these nods:

Best Director: Sam Mendes
Best Original Screenplay: Alan Ball
Best Actor: Jim Carrey
Best Actress: Catherine Keener
Best Supporting Actor: Giovanni Ribisi
Best Supporting Actress: Famke Janssen
Best Costume Design: Colleen Atwood
Best Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki


Author: Alex
Location: Seattle, WA


Directed by Martin Scorsese
Written by Paul Haggis
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

George Clooney (Rick Blaine)
Rachel Weisz (Ilsa Lund)
Liev Schreiber (Victor Laszlo)
Morgan Freeman (Sam)
Anthony Hopkins (Captain Renault)
Ciarán Hinds (Major Stasser)
Bob Hoskins (Signor Ferrari)
Steve Buscemi (Signor Ugarte)

Tagline: "Play It, Sam…Play “As Time Goes By”." 11/1/07

Synopsis: The classic tale of love and adventure is now in the hands of seven-time Oscar nominee Martin Scorsese. Oscar-winning writer Paul Haggis is expected to revive this epic with the best screenplay in years. Oscar-winning actors such as George Clooney, Rachel Weisz, Morgan Freeman, and Anthony Hopkins, along with Liev Schreiber will star. John Williams will compose the score.

What the press would say:

Martin Scorsese is hoping to at last win his overdue Oscar with this classic tale of love and adventure. Filmed in black and white, this remake stars George Clooney, Rachel Weisz, Liev Schreiber, and many more in a film that Bogart, Bergman, and Henreid would be proud to see in theatres. A truly spectacular masterpiece, especially in the Supporting Actor category! As Oscar Season draws closer Warner Brothers is hoping to walk away with as many nominations as they can with "Casablanca":

Best Picture
Best Director: Martin Scorsese
Best Actor: George Clooney
Best Actress: Rachel Weisz
Best Supporting Actor: Liev Schreiber
Best Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman
Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Hopkins
Best Supporting Actor: Ciarán Hinds
Best Supporting Actor: Bob Hoskins
Best Supporting Actor: Steve Buscemi
Best Adapted Screenplay: Paul Haggis
Best Score: John Williams
As well as various technical categories…

I Am a Patsy

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"I am a Patsy"

Directed by Alan Parker
Written by Steven Zaillian
Music by Giorgio Moroder

Principal Cast:

Lee Harvey Oswald: Matt Damon
Marina Oswald: Alison Lohman
George de Mohrenschildt: Xander Berkeley
Jeanne Mohrenschildt: Kristen Scott Thomas
Ruth Paine: Jennifer Jason Leigh
Michael Paine: Linus Roache
Jack Ruby: Kevin Pollack
Santo Trafficante: Christopher Walken
Carlos Marcello: Ray Liotta
JD Tippet: Thomas Haden Church

Tagline: To My Friend George, From Lee Oswald

Synopsis: The months leading up to November 22, 1963 George de Mohrenschildt, a worldly and charming oil geologist befriends the troubled Lee Harvey Oswald. Introducing Oswald into the Russian community of Dallas. As Oswald struggles with various jobs and holding onto a secret he cannot tell, organized crime and conspirators set events in motion that will change their friendship, their lives and the nation forever.

What the press would say:

Sometimes the truth is that simple. Director Alan Parker's takes the memoirs of George de Mohrenschildt to life, accompanied with Zaillian's organized crime conspiracy, one more cleaner and realistic than anything Oliver Stone could conjure up. Matt Damon delivers a pitch-perfect and brave performance of Lee Harvey Oswald with a sense of dark passion, alienation and vulnerability. Alison Lohman and Kristen Scott Thomas bring to their women behind the men performances a sense of dedication and understanding. But it's Xander Berkeley's charismatic turn as the wealthy and sociable George de Mohrenschildt that steals the show. He takes in Lee Oswald like a stray puppy, thinking he can save what he believes is a misunderstood, and intelligent soul. Finally breaking out from the supporting character actor mold lost in the background, Berkeley channels a charming nature to a point where you start thinking the events of November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas won't even take place. But underneath all the hope, lies the inevitable. Christopher Walken delivers a subdued and demanding performance as old school mob boss Santo Trafficante, a supposed mastermind behind one of the scariest events of the 20th century. Forget the conspiracy theories and what you think you believe. The brilliance to this film is in it's character studies. Alan Parker plays the 'good versus evil' better than anyone showing Lee Oswald's downfall as something tragic instead of something pathetic and lost. Dare to watch it and sympathize. The Academy might just do that making it this year's bold and controversial front runner.

Best Picture
Best Director: Alan Parker
Best Actor: Xander Berkeley, Matt Damon
Best Actress: Alison Lohman
Best Supporting Actress: Kristen Scott Thomas
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Walken
Best Adapted Screenplay: Steven Zaillian
Best Score: Giorgio Moroder
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Cinematography

Once a Hero

Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey

"Once a Hero..."

Directed By: Bennett Miller
Written By: Christopher Reeve and Bennett Miller
Music By: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Brendan Fraser as Christopher Reeve
Maria Bello as Dana Reeve
Ed Harris as Franklin Reeve
Catherine Keener as Barbara Johnson Reeve

Tagline: "The story of America's hero..."

Synopsis: Based on the novel "Still Me" written by Christopher Reeve, this is the life story of the boy and man behind the "Man of steel" and his struggles through life after becoming paralyzed from the neck down.

What the press would say:

Brendan Fraser has his chance to shine as the late Christopher Reeve. Maria Bello gives a moving performance as Dana Reeve while Ed Harris and Catherine Keener may each get their overdue Oscar as Reeve's divorced parents. Adapted from Reeve's autobiography "Still Me", director Bennett Miller gives the screenplay a boost and proves that his success with "Capote" was not just a flash in the pan moment. Hans Zimmer's score gives us a beautiful range between Reeve's success and his pain later in life. It is a haunting and powerful tribute to America's hero.

Best Picture
Best Director: Bennett Miller
Best Actor: Brendan Fraser
Best Actress: Maria Bello
Best Supporting Actor: Ed Harris
Best Supporting Actress: Catherine Keener
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Original Score
Best Original Song

The Wizard of Oz (Burton)

Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey

"The Wizard of Oz"

Directed By: Tim Burton
Written By: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
Music By: Danny Elfman

Principal Cast:

Kate Winslet as Dorothy
Johnny Depp as the Scarecrow
Will Ferrell as the Cowardly Lion
Mark Wahlberg as the Tin Man
Christopher Lee as the Wizard
Helena Bonham Carter as the Wicked Witch
Nicole Kidman as the Good Witch of the North
Maggie Smith as Auntie Em
Bob Hoskins as Uncle Henry

Tagline: "Follow the Yellow Brick Road...."

Synopsis: A remake of the 1939 classic, Tim Burton style...

What the press would say:

Tim Burton has performed magic again and turned an old classic into a modern one. Burton's impeccable vision bring a darker side to the Wizard of Oz.

This movie proves that almost anything can be "Burtonized". This movie is a lock for the academy and should clean up on the technical awards.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actress- Kate Winslet
Supporting Actor- Christopher Lee
Adapted Screenplay
Art Direction
Visual Effects

The Picture of Dorian Grey

Author: Pielak
Location: Unknown

"The Picture of Dorian Grey"

Directed By Quentin Tarantino
Written By Quentin Tarantino

Principal Cast:

Dorian Grey - Johnny Depp
Lord Henry Wotton - Nicolas Cage
Basil Hallward - John Malkovich
Sybil Vane - Kiera Knightley

Tagline: "A Pictures worth a thousand words"

Synopsis: The reinvention of Oscar Wilde's masterpiece by acclaimed writer/director Quentin Tarantino. Two-Time Oscar Nominee Johnny Depp will mesmerize audiences with a never before seen side of infamous Dorian Grey.

What the press would say:

Johnny Depp headlines an all-star cast as Dorian Grey.Depp gives an original , soon to be classic rendition of the infamous Grey. Cage and Malkovich both give astonishing performances as Lord Henry Wotton and Basil Hallward respectively. Malkovich will be finnaly awarded with an Oscar for the performance of his career as the best friend of Mr.Grey. Between them, the cast has a prospective of 12 Academy Award nominations.

Best Picture
Best Director - Quentin Tarantino
Best Adapted Screenplay - Quentin Tarantino
Best Origial Score - John Williams
Best Actor - Johnny Depp
Best Supporting Actor - Nicolas Cage
Best Supporting Actor - John Malkovich
Best Supporting Actress - Kiera Knightley
As well as various technical categories...

All for an Oscar

Author: Manos Peponakis
Location: Unknown

"All for an Oscar"

Director: Martin Scorsese
Writer: Paul Haggis
Music: Jan Kaczmarek

Principal Cast:

Martin Scorsese as Jan Ogaulaski
Clint Eastwood as Alvaro Scareli
Annette Bening as Jane Masterword
Hilary Swank as Fionula Weston

Tagline: "Academy doesn't want me. I will go and fetch it myself"

Synopsis: Two rival director and two rival actresses give it all for an Academy Award. Ugaulaski shoots a film with Masterword and Academy award winners Scareli and Weston want to repeat their Oscar-winning collaboration. So, Jan and Jane go to any lengths to spoil their rivals' movie

What the press would say:

Nominations for:

Best Picture
Best Director (Martin Scorsese)
Best Original Screenplay (Paul Haggis)
Best Actress Annette Bening
Best Actress Hilary Swank
Best Actor Martin Scorsese
as well as various technical categories


Author: Pat
Location: New York

"William Shakespeare's Hamlet"

Directed By Christopher Nolan
Written By Christopher Nolan and Joe Wright
Music By Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Clive Owen (Hamlet)
Anthony Hopkins (King Cladius)
Judi Dench (Queen Gertrude)
Jude Law (Horatio)
Colin Farrell (Laertes)
Kelly Macdonald (Ophelia)
Gary Oldman (Polonius)
Ioan Gruffand (Fortinbras)
Daniel Craig (Rosencrantz)
Colin Firth (Guildenstern)
Geoffrey Rush (Player)
Liam Neeson (The Ghost)

Tagline: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"

Synopsis: Christopher Nolan co-writes and directs this latest telling of one of Shakespeare's greatest works. Hamlet takes place in Medieval Denmark surrounding the suspicious death of the king. It is a dark tale about vengeance and murder that will leave you speechless.

What the press would say:

In this newest reinvention of Shakespeare's Hamlet,Clive Owen stars as the title character along with anamazing cast including Anthony Hopkins, Dame JudiDench, Jude Law, Colin Farrell, and Liam Neeson. Owen,under the direction of Batman Begins Director Christopher Nolan, conveys the sense of madness that makes Hamlet such an interesting character. Magnificent art direction, cinematography, and scoring also help this powerful revenge story become one of the best Shakespeare movies of all time. Hamlet earned 12 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and has won Best Dramatic Film at the Golden Globes.

Academy Award nods:

Best Picture
Best Director-Christopher Nolan
Best Adapted Screenplay-Christopher Nolan and Joe Wright
Best Actor-Clive Owen
Best Supporting Actor-Anthony Hopkins
Best Supporting Actor-Colin Farrell
Best Supporting Actress-Kelly Macdonald
Best Original Score-Hans Zimmer
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup

Songwriter's Bible

Author: Brian
Location: Arizona

"Songwriter’s Bible or: The Musical Straightjacket"

Directed by Sidney Pollack
Written by Jim Taylor
Music and Original Songs by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Uma Thruman (Marge Peters)
John Cusack (Ross Delano)
Judi Dench (Celina Apers)
Gerald Butler (David Hein)
Annette Bening (Leah Macarthur, Host)
Peter O’Toole (Edward Apers)

Tagline: She’s becoming established. He’s waiting for a hit. She’s a legend. He’s just starting out. They’ve got a month.

Synopsis: An original musical about four Broadway songwriters that participate in a reality show in which they must compose the complete script and songs to a musical. Each of them are wildly different in status and personality. Romance blossoms between rising songwriter Marge and the friendly but lazy Ross. Filled with humor, emotion and original songs provided by Oscar winner Howard Shore, as well as a supporting performance from Peter O’Toole.

What the press would say:

The original movie musical is brought back with a bang. And what a bang it is. A film that is not only hilarious and overflowing with 12 brilliant songs and voices from actors that endured 7 months of vocal training, but also meaningful and plot-driven. With performances from some of today’s finest actors and actresses, as well as Peter O’Toole’s chance to finally win his Oscar. The film has gathered an unheard of 21 Academy Award nominations, including 4 in the Best Original Song Category.

Best Picture
Best Director (Sidney Pollack)
Best Original Screenplay (Jim Taylor)
Best Actor (John Cusack)
Best Actress (Uma Thruman)
Best Supporting Actor (Gerald Butler, Peter O’Toole)
Best Supporting Actress (Judi Dench, Annette Bening)
Best Original Song (“Songwriter’s Bible” “Last Love Ballad” “Step by Step” and “Musicals for Dummies”)
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Sound Mixing
Best Sound Editing
Best Makeup

Titanic: The Musical

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"Titanic: The Musical"

Directed By Mike Nichols
Written By Bill Condon

Principal Cast:

Kenneth Branagh (Andrews)
Kevin Spacey (Captain Smith)
Kevin Kline (Ismay)
Ewan McGregor (Barrett)
Richard Gere (Isidor Straus)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (Ida Straus)
John C. Reilly (Edgar Beane)
Rachel Weisz (Alice Beane)
Nathan Lane (Harold Bride)
Emmy Rossum (Kate McGowan)
Jamie Bell (Jim Farrell)
Ciaran Hinds (Mr. Etches)
Jude Law (Charles)
Jennifer Garner (Caroline)
Jim Broadbent (John Jacob Astor)

Tagline: "Godspeed Titanic"

Synopsis: In 1997, Titanic won Best Musical at the Tonys and now Mike Nichols is directing a film version of thedisaster play. The music is beautiful and powerful throughout and complements of talents of Oscar winners Kevin Spacey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rachel Weisz, andJim Broadbent as well of the rest of the star-studded cast.

What the press would say:

Oscar-winner Mike Nichols directs the new film adaptation of Peter Stone and Maury Easton's stunning musical about the voyage of the fated cruise ship Titanic. Kenneth Branagh shines as the ship's architect while Rachel Weisz provides several comedic scenes as a middle-class wife. But it is John C.Reilly who steals the show as the husband of Weisz's ambitious character. Stunning and shocking visual effects and set design are even better than Cameron's dramatic version of the sinking of the ship that was considered unsinkable. Titanic: The Musical is up for 13 Academy Awards Including:

Best Picture
Best Director-Mike Nichols
Best Adapted Screenplay-Bill Condon
Best Actor-Kenneth Branagh
Best Supporting Actor-John C. Reilly
Best Supporting Actor-Kevin Kline
Best Supporting Actor-Ewan McGregor
Best Supporting Actress-Rachel Weisz
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Sound
Best Visual Effects

The Wizard of Oz (Jackson)

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"The Wizard of Oz"

Directed By Peter Jackson
Written By Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh

Principal Cast:

Lindsay Lohan (Dorothy Gale)
Richard Gere (Tin Man)
Mike Myers (Cowardly Lion)
Ewan McGregor (Scarecrow)
Nicole Kidman (Glinda)
Michelle Pfieffer (Wicked Witch)
Samuel L. Jackson (The Wizard)
Verne Troyer (Mayor Of Munchkinland)

Tagline: "We're not in Kansas anymore"

Synopsis: One of the greatest movies of all time is being remade by Oscar winner Peter Jackson with an A-list cast including Lindsay Lohan, Richard Gere, and Nicole Kidman. Michelle Pfeiffer co-stars as the Wicked Witch of the West and Samuel L. Jackson is the Wizard.

What the press would say:

Not since the original has there ever been a musical film as good as Peter Jackson's The Wizard Of Oz. Every aspect of the masterpiece dazzles the viewer and takes you to a place of talking scarecrows and flying monkeys. Lindsay Lohan shows off her vocals as Dorothy Gale and Nicole Kidman is good as usual playing Glinda the Good Witch. Nearly unrecognizable Michelle Pfeiffer gives the best performance of the film and her career as the evil Wicked Witch of the West. Her menacing laugh and wretched screeching allowed her to earn one of the film's 14 Oscar nominations.

Best Picture
Best Director-Peter Jackson
Best Adapted Screenplay-Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh
Best Actress-Lindsay Lohan
Best Supporting Actor-Ewan McGregor
Best Supporting Actress-Michelle Pfieffer
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Visual Effects


Author: M. K.
Location: Washington State

"Persepolis: The Story of a Child"

Directed by Lasse Halstrom
Music by Teddy Geiger & Gustavo Santaolalla
Screenplay Marjane Satrapi & Dan Futterman

Main Cast:
Keisha Castle Hughes-Marjane Satrapi
Alexander Siddig-Mr. Satrapi
Aishwarya Rai-Mrs. Satrapi

"Grow With Her" Christmas Eve

Based on Marjane Satrapi's Graphic Novel Memoirs about her life as a
young child in Iran. This film directed by double Academy Award Nominee Lasse Halstrom (My Life as a Dog, The Cider House Rules), adapted by Satrapi herself and Academy Award Nominee Dan Futterman (Capote), stars Academy Award Nominee Keisha Castle Hughes (Whale Rider) as Satrapi, Alexander Siddig (Syriana, "Star Trek: Deep Space 9") as her father, and Aishwarya Rai (Bride & Prejudice: The Bollywood Musical) as her mother. With original music by Teddy Geiger and Gustavo Santaolalla.

What the Press would say:

An unlikely classic. Dan Futterman with a little help from the original author, Marjane Satrapi, is able to turn a young girls light way of looking at dark situations in a Graphic novel, into just that on the big screen and nothing is lost in translation. Plus director Lasse Halstrom gets Oscar Worthy performances from every cast member, even the littlest extra mirrors perfect emotion, but the leading cast of Keisha Castle Hughes, Alexander Siddig, and Aishwarya Rai give the best performances we've seen in a long time. This film reasonably leads a strong Oscar Campaign.

Best Picture
Best Foreign Film: Iran
Best Director: Lasse Halstrom
Best Actress: Keisha Castle Hughes
Best Adapted Screenplay: Marjance Satrapi & Dan Futterman
Best Supporting Actor: Alexander Siddig
Best Supporting Actress: Aishwarya Rai
Best Original Score: Gustavo Santaolalla
Best Original Song: "Intelligent Rebellion" Music by Michael Becker, Danny Elfman, & Teddy Geiger, Lyrics by Teddy Geiger
Best Original Song: "Sad (Theme from Persepolis)" Music by Gustavo Santaolalla and Lyrics by Teddy Geiger
Best Costumes: Colleen Atwood
Best Editing: Hushes Winborne
Best Cinematography: Wally Phister
Plus many more technical nominations

Hitch the Suspense

Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, Illinois

"Hitch the Suspense"

Directed by Bennett Miller
Written by John Logan and Dan Futterman
Produced by Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese
Cinematographer: Robert Richardson
Editor: Hughes Winborne
Music by Bernard Herrmann

Main Cast:
Albert Finney (Alfred Hitchcock)
Imelda Staunton (Alma Hitchcock)
Charlize Theron (Janet Leigh)
James Woods (David O. Selznick)
George Clooney (Daryl F. Zanuck)

“"The Man. The Mystery. The Greatness. The Madness. The Suspense."

Synopsis: Alfred Hitchcock, considered to be one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema, is dramatized in this fascinating biopic focusing on the famous director's life. Five-time Academy Award nominee Albert Finney leads an all-star cast as the master of suspense. He is backed up by Oscar nominees Imelda Staunton, as Hitchcock's loving wife, and James Woods, as famous movie producer David O. Selznick. Also joining in are Oscar winners George Clooney, as 20th Century Fox president Daryl Zanuck, and Chalize Theron, as the famous Janet Leigh. Producers Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese collided to provide the film, which includes an adapted score from Bernard Hermann composed of previously recorded scores that were featured in numerous Hitchcock films, including "Psycho" and "North by Northwest". Oscar-nominated director Bennett Miller takes on the project joining forces once again with his "Capote" writer Dan Futterman along with fellow Academy Award-nominated writer John Logan.

What the Press would say:

Albert Finney gives a commanding and mesmerizing performance as Alfred Hitchcock. He is flawless and gives an equal performance to that of last year's Best Actor. Imelda Staunton gives another great performance being subtle yet very powerful. James Woods, George Clooney and Charlize Theron also add to the great ensemble. Writers John Logan and Dan Futterman provide another great screenplay with fantastic dialogue and Bennett Miller once again shocks us with grand sophistication in his immense talent as a film director. The movie is nominated for 11 Academy Awards:

Best Picture
Best Director: Bennett Miller
Best Actor: Albert Finney
Best Supporting Actor: James Woods
Best Supporting Actress: Imelda Staunton
Best Supporting Actress: Charlize Theron
Best Original Screenplay: Dan Futterman and John Logan
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Film Editing


Author: Ryan Kilcher
Location: Montreal, Canada


Directed by Ridley Scott
Writing Credits:Joseph Conrad (novel)
Paul Haggis (screenplay)
Produced by Brian Grazer
Original Score by Hans Zimmer
Art Direction by Stuart Craig

Main Cast:
Marlow, Henry Thomas
Kurtz, Daniel Day-Lewis
Chief Accountant, Christopher Walken
Director of Companies, Liam Neeson
Kurtz’s African mistress, Sophie Okonedo
Narrator, James Earl Jones

“The current ran swiftly out of the heart of darkness”…

Heart of Darkness begins on the deck of the Nellie, a British ship anchored on the coast of the Thames. The anonymous narrator (Jones), the Director of Companies, the Chief Accountant (Walken), and Marlow (Thomas) sit in silence. Marlow begins telling the three men about a time he journeyed in a steamboat up the Congo River…

What the Press would say:

Clearly a collaborative effort, this Scott Free Production is the unexpected Oscar nomination of the season. Academy Award Winners Brian Grazer, Paul Haggis, Hans Zimmer and Stuart Craig come together to bring Ridley Scott his well deserved first Oscar nod.

A break out performance by Henry Thomas, child star of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, this otherwise star-studded cast brings to life Conrad’s world of darkness and deception. Sophie Okonedo’s especially moving performance, as well as the eerily soothing narration of James Earl Jones highlights an overall excellent film.

A strong campaign is looking for nominations in these categories:

Best Picture
Adapted Screenplay
Art Direction
Original Score
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actor
Film Editing
Ensemble Cast *(SAG)

The Bad Seed

Author: M. K.
Location: Washington State

"The Bad Seed"

Directed by Stephen Frears
Written by Paul Haggis & Stephen Frears
Music by Danny Elfman

Main Cast:
Joan Allen (Christine Penmark)
Emma Bolger (Rhoda Penmark)
Willem Dafoe (Leroy Jesup)
Angela Lansbury (Monica Breedlove)
Cynthia Nixon (Hortense Daigle)
Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Col. Kenneth Penmark)
Anthony Hopkins (Richard Bravo)
Mark Moses (Henry Daigle)
Samantha Morton (Claudia Fern)
Linus Roache (Emory Wages)
Matt Dillon (Reginald 'Reggie' Tasker)

“You can't keep a Bad Seed Down" Christmas Day

Synopsis: A new take on the classic Psychological Thriller, with Academy Award
Nominated Director Stephen Frears (The Grifters) along with Academy Award
Winning Co-Screenwriter Paul Haggis (Crash), they lead an incredible
cast including Joan Allen (The Upside of Anger), Emma Bolger (In America), Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man), Cynthia Nixon ("Sex in the City"), Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Capote), Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs), Mark Moses ("Desperate Housewives"), Samantha Morton (In America), Linus Roache (Batman Begins), and Matt Dillon (Crash), as they create a film that will chill you to the core and make you beg for more. With a
chilling new score by Academy Award Nominee Danny Elfman.

What the Press would say:

"The Bad Seed", directed by Stephen Frears, is a cinematic treat that will chill you to the core, and will stay in your mind as long as you live. The whole cast delivers a magnificent kick in the mouth with their on spot acting, especially little Emma Bolger, who was born for this role (even though I hope that's not actually the case), she's soooooooooooo adorable, that when you finely find out what she is, that she does the same thing to you, as she does to the other characters, your in love with her so much that you can't believe she's nothing but a little angel. Plus the score by Danny Elfman isn't just a score, but the music you'd make if you were in his shoes. This fantastic film's excellence is reflected by a farley ambitious Oscar campaign.

Best Picture
Best Director: Stephen Frears
Best Adapted Screenplay: Paul Haggis & Stephen Frears
Best Original Score: Danny Elfman
Best Actress: Joan Allen
Best Supporting Actor: Willem Dafoe
Best Supporting Actor: Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Hopkins
Best Supporting Actor: Linus Roache
Best Supporting Actress: Emma Bolger
Best Supporting Actress: Cynthia Nixon
Best Supporting Actress: Samantha Morton
Best Costumes: Colleen Atwood
Plus various other technical catergories

The American Right to Love

Author: M. K.
Location: Washington State

"The American Right to Love"

Directed by Erik Poppe
Written by Erik Poppe & Rob Marshall
Music by Elton John

Main Cast:
Lior Ashkenazi (Louis Rein)
Victor Webster (James Saraball)
Anthony Hopkins (Daniel Saraball-James's Father)
Lindsay Lohan (Chelsea Rein-Louis's Daughter)
Natasha Richardson (Dr. Janette Harrowfinger)
Jamie Foxx (Luke Pare-Louis's Lawyer)
Timothy Spall (Dr. Paul McRamfkin-Head Doctor)

"The Right is yours, August"

Synopsis: A story about the right to be whoever you are. The American debut of director Erik Poppe and with a screenplay co-written by Academy Award nominated director Rob Marshall, is a true masterpiece in the style of Brokeback Mountain. After Louis and James meet and fall in love during a fatal bus crash, they keep in touch throughout the years, but they don't hide it, Louis (a Jewish-Russian immigrant, who made his money off of stocks) even names James (a middle-upper class lawyer) the legal guardian of his daughter. However when James catches a fatal virus and has to stay in a Hospital bed for the rest of his life, James's father has the finest care and even breaks the rules and brings his son some unallowed delights, but one thing he won't acknowledge is his son's desire to his
one true love, as James dies alone without the man he loves, Louis fights the law for his right to be considered family and see his one love before it's too late, with a star-studded cast including Lior Ashkenazi (Walk on Water), Victor Webster ("Sex and the City"), Anthony Hopkins (Red Dragon), Lindsay Lohan (Just My Luck), Natasha Richardson (The
White Countess), Jamie Foxx (Ray), and Timothy Spall (Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire), with original music by Elton John.

What the Press would say:

A true cinematic masterpiece, two not really well known actors (Lior Ashkenazi and Victor Webster) make a truly stupindous turn in American cinema. Every cast member gives a career best, and Erik Poppe shows America the truth about what we due, in a nation we claim is so free. This film leads a strong campaign with these:

Best Picture
Best Director Erik Poppe
Best Actor Lior Ashkenazi
Best Actor Victor Webster
Best Supporting Actor Anthony Hopkins
Best Supporting Actor Jamie Foxx
Best Supporting Actor Timothy Spall
Best Supporting Actress Lindsay Lohan
Best Supporting Actress Natasha Richardson
Best Original Screenplay Erik Poppe & Rob Marshall
Best Original Score Elton John
Best Original Song "No One Can Say We'Re Not Aloud to Love Eachother"
Music & Lyrics Elton John
Plus various technical noms.

From Terence With Love

Author: M. K.
Location: Washington State

"From Terence with Love"

Directed by George Clooney
Written by George Clooney & Grant Heslov
Music by John Williams

Main Cast:
Thomas Gibson (Terence Young)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (Audrey Heenstra/Audrey Hepburn)
Felicity Huffman (Dorothea "Dosia" Bennet)
Marion Cotillard (Sabine Sun)
Roman Polanski (Muammar Gadaffi)
Clive Owen (Sean Connery)
Mark Moses (Ralph Richardson)
George Clooney (Alan Ladd)

Synopsis: Academy Award Winning Actor (Syriana) and Nominated director (Good
Night, and Good Luck), George Clooney goes behind the camera again with a film about former soldier, and infamous director from his days serving in Holland, to directing the first James Bond films, to making a film for Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi. Clooney directs himself and a fantastic cast including Thomas Gibson ("Criminal Minds"), Jennifer Love Hewitt ("The Ghost Whisperer"), Felicity Huffman (Transamerica), Marion Cotillard (Big Fish), Roman Polanski (director of the Pianist), Clive Owen (Inside Man), and Mark Moses ("Desperate Housewives") in a fantastic story about a maverick director who was more than just what we know. With a magnificent score from John Williams.

What the Press would say:

A phenomenal piece of work from George Clooney, I think he's obviously trying to tell us something about his ability by directing Academy Award Winning director Roman Polanski in a fantastic performance, though not the best in the film, that would have to belong Gibson as Terence Young or Jennifer Love Hewitt playing Audrey Hepburn for a second time. This is a fantastic film and as such leads a powerful campaign in these

Best Picture
Best Director George Clooney
Best Original Screenplay George Clooney & Grant Heslov
Best Actor Thomas Gibson
Best Supporting Actor Roman Polanski
Best Supporting Actor Clive Owen
Best Supporting Actor George Clooney
Best Supporting Actor Mark Moses
Best Supporting Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt
Best Supporting Actress Felicity Huffman
Best Supporting Actress Marion Cottilard
Best Original Score John Williams
Best Original Song "Sean Connery" Music & Lyrics by Kanye West & Pharell
With various Technical Nominations

The Music and You

Author: Francisco Fernandez
Location: Mexico

"The Music and You"

Directed By: Alfonso Cuarón
Written By: Sam Mendes
Music by: Howard Shore

Main Cast:
Cillian Murphy (Paul Johnson)
Reese Witherspoon (Michelle Standford)
David Wenham (William Wenham)
Stanley Tucci (Principal Burrows)
Brittany Murphy ( Jenny)

Tagline: Someone hates his life...

Synopsis: From the director of "Y tu mama tambien", the movie "The Music and You" is
a lovely, sad, human story about love, sex, betrayal and passion. Paul (Cillian Murphy) is a teacher (Music Teacher) in Churchill High school in London. He hates his life, he's a pessimist, he hates himself, specially, his skinny body. His friend William (Wenham) meets a very beautiful teacher, Michelle (Witherspoon) that fall in love of Paul. Together, Paul and Michelle, will have a discovery, finding the true love, the meaning of life and lessons of the heart.

What the Press would say:

Wenham gives an amazing performance as the crazy friend of Paul, William. Stanley Tucci, as well, gives a short, but beautiful performance as the Principal Burrows, Cuarón is a talented man, the directing is beautiful, the script by Mendes is so strong and powerful, "The Music and You" is like a bullet that crash in your heart. simply, the best of the year

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Supporting Actor - David Wenham
Best Supporting Actor - Stanley Tucci
Best Original Song- Howard Shore, "For you and only for you"
Best Original Score- Howard Shore
Best Editing


Author: M. K.
Location: Washington State


Directed by Ang Lee
Written by Robert Nelson Jacobs (based on the story in the "Tanakh")
Music by Itzhak Perlman and Matisyahu

Principal Cast:

Natalie Portman(Esther)
Brian Cox (Mordecai)
Alexander Siddig (King Ahashuares)
Hiam Abbas (Queen Vashtee)
Hugh Jackman (Haman)

Tagline: "What happens in Babylon stays in Babylon, November 2007"

Synopsis: Based on the story of Esther in the Old Testament. Natalie Portman (Closer, Garden State) leads an all star cast including Brian Cox (Troy, Match Point), Alexander Siddig (Syriana, "Star Trek: Deep Space 9"), Hiam Abbas (Munich, Paradise Now), and Hugh Jackman (The X-Men Movies), into a film that takes a classic story, and gives a punch that no once realized it could have. Artfully directed by Academy Award Winner Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain), and Written by Academy Award Nominee Robert Nelson Jacobs (Chocolat) this new master piece will be one that you won't be able to stop talking about. With original music by Itzhak Perlman and Matisyahu.

What the press would say:

This film is a delightful adaptation to a story that was almost completely forgotten. The film begins with introducing us to a sweet young Jewish girl named Esther (Natalie Portman who's been raised by her wise Palace guard cousin, Mordecai (Brian Cox). Esther is soon however forced to become the Queen of Babylon after the beheading of it's previous Queen (Hiam Abbas) by the seemingly heartless king (Alexander Siddig) and man who's actually manipulating him, Haman (Hugh Jackman), to destroy a people who know what , but what this film does is elaborate on parts the Jewish Bible skipped out on, like showing Esther's life before and during her rise as queen. Now if most directors had tried to this to a story, it would've become a major snoozfest, but the way Ang Lee does it, you can't stop asking for more. This film gets 5 stars in my book.


Best Picture
Best Director: Ang Lee
Best Adapted Screenplay: Robert Nelson Jacobs
Best Original Score: Itzhak Perlman
Best Original Song: "We Must Not Stop Rememberin' " Music and Lyrics by
Best Actress: Natalie Portman
Best Supporting Actor: Brian Cox
Best Supporting Actor: Alexander Siddig
Best Supporting Actor: Hugh Jackman
Best Supporting Actress: Hiam Abbas
With Various other Technical Nominations including Editing and

The Queen of Egypt

Author: Michael L.
Location: Unknown

"The Queen of Egypt"

Directed by Baz Luhrman
Written by John Logan
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Uma Thurman(Hatshepsut)
Russell Crowe(Thuthmose 2)
Anthony Hopkins(Thuthmose)
Helen Mirren(Queen Ahmose)
Jake Gyllenhaal(Thuthmose 3)
Leanardo DiCaprio
Rachel McAdams

Tag Line: She was one of the most successful pharaohs ever, but her real story is much more complicated. On December 15,2007 see her story.

Synopsis: Taking place in the late 16th century BC Egypt. The movie follows the first Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut (Uma Thurman) daughter of Thuthmose( Anthony Hopkins) and Queen Ahmose (Helen Mirren). After the death of her abusive husband at a young age( Russell Crowe) she takes over the throne because her husbands son Thuthmose 3(Jake Gyllenhaal) from his first marriage was too young. She faced a love greater than any power she knew within herself to resist, a throne harder than imaginable, and a plot to take her life from one of her loved ones. All this within her 21 years on the throne.

What the Press would say:

Uma Thurman pulls of the performance of a lifetime playing a queen who is driven to near insanity in The Queen of Egypt. Joining Thurman is Helen Mirren iplaying a cold, bitter queen. Anthony Hopkins gives a career best performance. Russell Crowe is getting tons of buzz for his performance as Hatshepsut's abusive hsuband. Leanardo Dicaprio plays the queens lover in what goes beyond that heartthrob role into something deeper. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a mean, selfish man who will do anything to become pharaoh, much different than his other performances. Rachel McAdams plays a servant whos not afraid to speak her mind even when it gets her near death. Baz Luhrman creates a film with beautiful art direction, wonderful design, and most of all a story that will last through time of love, murder, and courage.

Early campaigns for these nods:

Best Actress-Uma Thurman
Best Actor-Leanardo DiCaprio

Best S. Actor-Anthony Hopkins
Jake Gyllenhaal
Russell Crowe

Best S. Actress-Helen Miren
Rachel McAdams

Best Director
Best O. Screenplay
along with techs and art direction etc.

Arrested Develpment

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"Arrested Development"

Directed By Ron Howard
Written By Mitchell Hurwitz

Principal Cast:

Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth)
Jeffrey Tambor (George Bluth/Oscar Bluth)
Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth)
Will Arnett (GOB Bluth)
Portia De Rossi (Lindsay Funke)
Tony Hale (Buster Bluth)
David Cross (Tobias Funke)
Michael Cera (George-Michael Bluth)
Alia Shawkat (Maeby Funke)
Will Ferrell (Leonard Maltin, no not THAT Leonard Maltin)
Henry Winkler (Barry Zuckercorn)
Judy Greer (Kitty Sanchez)
Liza Minelli (Lucille 2)

Tagline: "You think your family has issues."

Synopsis: This is the story about a man named Michael Bluth and his eccentric family that seems to be constantly in trouble with the law. Based upon the Emmy-winning television series and starring the original cast. It is directed by Oscar-winner Ron Howard and written by series creator Mitch Hurwitz.

What the press would say:

Arrested Development was one of the best comedy series ever to grace the small screen and now it is a film directed by Ron Howard. Jason Bateman leads the original cast with a few new addition including Will Ferrell as a character named Leonard Maltin. The comedy is so witty and quick that if you blink you may miss a good chuckle. It was a crime for Fox to take this wonderful show off the air and now the Bluths are back with a brand new set of problems.

Best Adapted Screenplay-Mitch Hurwitz
Best Supporting Actor-Jeffrey Tambor
Best Supporting Actor-David Cross
Best Supporting Actress-Jessica Walter

Katharine Hepburn

Author: Vorachon
Location: NY City

"Katharine Hepburn"

Produced by Martin Scorsese
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Written by Sofia Coppola and Charlie Kaufman

Principal Cast:

Cate Blanchett (Katherine Hepburn)
Stephen Dilane (Ludlow Ogden Smith)
Sean Penn (Spencer Tracy)
Leonardo DiCaprio (Howard Hughes)

Tagline: "She had four Oscars on her shelf. But that wasn't enough"

Synopsis: Cate Blanchett and Leonardo DiCaprio return portraying the same characters they did in The Aviator. Katherine Hepburn was a legend, Oscar winner and an icon that rocked Hollywood!

What the press would say:

Oscar nominations for:

Best Actress: Cate Blanchett
Best Supporting Actor: Sean Penn


Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey


Directed by: Mel Gibson
Written by: Mel Gibson and Elie Wiesel
Score By: John Williams

Principal Cast:

Haley Joel Osment as Eliezer
Jim Caviezel as Chlomo
Gary Oldman as Moshe the Beadle
Jake Gyllenhaal as Akiba Drumer

Tagline: Why has God abandoned us?

Synopsis: The story of a young teenage Jewish boy during World War II Germany, based on the autobiography by Elie Wiesel

What the press would say:

Mel Gibson continues in the trend of controversial films with his latest installment, "Night". In the shadows of "The Passion of the Christ" and "Apocalypto", Gibson shines behind the camera once again. Osment get the role of a lifetime as Eliezer and Gary Oldman gives a career performance as the deranged town elder Moshe the Beadle.

Best Picture
Best Director-Mel Gibson
Best Actor- Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actor- Gary Oldman
Best Adapted Screenplay
Art Direction

The Carpenter

Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey

"The Carpenter"

Directed by: Franco Zefferelli
Written by: Franco Zefferelli
Music by: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Ryan Reynolds as Joseph
Keira Knightley as Mary
Hayden Christiansen as the Young Jesus

Tagline: A Man, A Carpenter, A Father....

Synopsis: The untold story about Jesus' earthly father, Joseph the Carpenter and how he struggles to realize the truth about his son.

What the press would say:

Franco Zefferelli returns to direct Ryan Reynolds in his most serious performance to date as Joseph the carpenter. Zefferelli takes a direction that few have and shows the story of Jesus from a different point of view. Keira Knightley is sweet and innocent as the virgin Mary and Hayden Christiansen is stellar as the young, humble Jesus of Nazareth. But the star of this show is Reynolds and his emotionally satisfying performance as the New Testament's forgotten character.

Best Picture
Best Director: Franco Zefferelli
Best Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Best Actress: Keira Knightley
Best Supporting Actor: Hayden Christiansen
Best Art Direction
Best Costume
Best Makeup
Best Original Score

Uptown, Downtown

Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, IL

"Uptown, Downtown"

Directed by Spike Lee
Written by Spike Lee, Paul Haggis and Mario Van Peoplees
Original Music by Rolfe Kent

Principal Cast:

Mario Van Peoplees (Brian Robinson)
Richard Dreyfuss (Charles H. Trickson)
Josh Hartnett (Rob Trickson)
Jake Gyllenhaal (Tony Whitmore)
Spike Lee (Dante Harold)
Morgan Freeman (Jacob Robinson)

Tagline: "Let no one silence your voice"

Synopsis: An intense tale focusing on an unknown city that has unconsciously divided itself into two groups: blacks which have a domination on downtown and whites which mainly control uptown. Downtown is a poor community but its citizens rely a lot on family values and connections. Uptown is vastly wealthy but is controlled by the bureaucratic values of business, particularly in real-estate. Each half has an unofficial "leader": Brian Robinson, known to be a high profiled hustler, represents downtown and Charles Trickson is the president of uptown's leading real-estate industry.

Mostly there is a peace among the two areas, they don't like each other but as long as they don't bother one another, everything is okay. That is until Brian Robinson's son is found dead on the boarders near Uptown and he promises a vendetta. To add to the problem, Charles Trickson, with the convincing words of his son Rob, decides to expand his territory to downtown which will force people out of there homes. This starts an all out war that will end with serious consequences.

What the press would say:

Spike Lee blows us away with a fantastic story. He capitalizes on a great look as well as presenting us with a great story. The cast is great as well. Mario Van Peoplees truly defines himself as an actor along with a great supporting cast like Richard Dreyfuss, Josh Hartnett, Jake Gyllenhaal and an amazing Morgan Freeman who graces the screen in a mere cameo role as Robinson's father. A strong campaign is looking for these nominations:

Best Picture
Best Actor: Mario Van Peoplees
Best Supporting Actor: Richard Dreyfuss
Best Supporting Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
Best Supporting Actor: Josh Hartnett
Best Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman
Best Original Screenplay: Paul Haggis, Spike Lee, Mario Van Peoplees
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction

John, Jack and Jess

Author: Tom Manship
Location: England

"Jack, John, Jane and Jess"

Director: Robert Redford
Written by Alvin Sargent

Principal Cast:

Jamie Bell (Jack Flynn)
Peter O'Toole (John Ellis)
Laura Linney (Jane Flynn)
Dakota Fanning (Jess Flynn)

Tagline: "Tragedy is blind"

Synopsis: After the death of her husband and mother in 2 years, Jane (Linney) is a single parent, who now has to deal with her aging and cancerous father (O'Toole) as well the struggles of teenagers (Bell and Fanning). When tragedy strikes in the form of a virulent cancer in her son, she must lead her family through this next ordeal, and come out stronger on the other side

What the press would say:

This stunning drama captures tragedy in it's rawest form. The Oscar winning team of Redford and Sargent come together to produce a sheer rollercoaster of emotions. With stellar performances from Linney, Bell, O'Toole and Fanning, Oscar will surely come knocking in March"

Oscar attempts:

Best Picture
Best Director: Robert Redford
Best Original Screenplay: Alvin Sargent
Best Actress: Laura Linney
Best Supporting Actor: Jamie Bell
Best Supporting Actor: Peter O'Toole
Best Supporting Actress: Dakota Fanning

Questions of Morality

Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, IL

"Questions of Morality"

Directed by Clint Eastwood
Written by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Ethan Hawke (Frank D. Cunnings)
Oded Fehr (Jamal Alzeez)
Paul Giamatti (Ritchie Corners)
Hilary Swank (Angela Brower)
Jack Nicholson (Ray Killster)
Clint Eastwood (Judge Harold Williams)

Tagline: "To be decided among a jury of your peers"

Synopsis: Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke plays Frank Cunnings, an ambitious and notorious New York defense attorney who has the great record of never losing a case as well as having a reputation as a wild night cruiser and playboy. One day his boss Ritchie, played by fellow Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti, drops him a case in which a Middle Eastern man, played by Oded Fehr (The Mummy Returns), was accused of an attempted terrorist attack on a popularized public building.

Frank sees almost unbeatable situation as an advantage; if he can win this case, then he can have the most power a lawyer can have. Not only does he need to fend off the remarks of his quick-witted prosecutor, Oscar winner Jack Nicholson, his "more-fling-than-love" girlfriend, Oscar winner Hilary Swank, and a stern-hearted judge, director Clint Eastwood, but he must also find a way to convince the jury to decide not to sentence this man towards a guilty plea, something that will prove very difficult. Eastwood once again takes on the leadership role as director while Oscar nominated writer George Clooney provides a crisp script that was revised by Oscar winning writer Quentin Tarantino. Howard Shore provides the score.

What the press would say:

Clint Eastwood, who has already directed two Best Picture winners and winning Best Director twice himself, amazes the audience once again with this stern and fascinating look on today's morals and how it might affect the majority of us within society. Ethan Hawke gives a virtuoso performance, presenting much range and emotion for his character. The supporting cast is also very well, including from little known Oded Fehr who breaks through here as a talented actor, the always marvelous Jack Nicholson and Eastwood himself is excellent this time in a supporting role. Howard Shore also provides an eerie score that is both haunting and fantastic. It's campaign is hoping this:

Best Picture
Best Director: Clint Eastwood
Best Actor: Ethan Hawke
Best Supporting Actor: Oded Fehr
Best Supporting Actor: Clint Eastwood
Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson
Best Supporting Actress: Hilary Swank
Best Original Screenplay: George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino
Best Art Direction
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing