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Titanic: The Musical

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"Titanic: The Musical"

Directed By Mike Nichols
Written By Bill Condon

Principal Cast:

Kenneth Branagh (Andrews)
Kevin Spacey (Captain Smith)
Kevin Kline (Ismay)
Ewan McGregor (Barrett)
Richard Gere (Isidor Straus)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (Ida Straus)
John C. Reilly (Edgar Beane)
Rachel Weisz (Alice Beane)
Nathan Lane (Harold Bride)
Emmy Rossum (Kate McGowan)
Jamie Bell (Jim Farrell)
Ciaran Hinds (Mr. Etches)
Jude Law (Charles)
Jennifer Garner (Caroline)
Jim Broadbent (John Jacob Astor)

Tagline: "Godspeed Titanic"

Synopsis: In 1997, Titanic won Best Musical at the Tonys and now Mike Nichols is directing a film version of thedisaster play. The music is beautiful and powerful throughout and complements of talents of Oscar winners Kevin Spacey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rachel Weisz, andJim Broadbent as well of the rest of the star-studded cast.

What the press would say:

Oscar-winner Mike Nichols directs the new film adaptation of Peter Stone and Maury Easton's stunning musical about the voyage of the fated cruise ship Titanic. Kenneth Branagh shines as the ship's architect while Rachel Weisz provides several comedic scenes as a middle-class wife. But it is John C.Reilly who steals the show as the husband of Weisz's ambitious character. Stunning and shocking visual effects and set design are even better than Cameron's dramatic version of the sinking of the ship that was considered unsinkable. Titanic: The Musical is up for 13 Academy Awards Including:

Best Picture
Best Director-Mike Nichols
Best Adapted Screenplay-Bill Condon
Best Actor-Kenneth Branagh
Best Supporting Actor-John C. Reilly
Best Supporting Actor-Kevin Kline
Best Supporting Actor-Ewan McGregor
Best Supporting Actress-Rachel Weisz
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Sound
Best Visual Effects

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