Sunday, June 22, 2008

The American Right to Love

Author: M. K.
Location: Washington State

"The American Right to Love"

Directed by Erik Poppe
Written by Erik Poppe & Rob Marshall
Music by Elton John

Main Cast:
Lior Ashkenazi (Louis Rein)
Victor Webster (James Saraball)
Anthony Hopkins (Daniel Saraball-James's Father)
Lindsay Lohan (Chelsea Rein-Louis's Daughter)
Natasha Richardson (Dr. Janette Harrowfinger)
Jamie Foxx (Luke Pare-Louis's Lawyer)
Timothy Spall (Dr. Paul McRamfkin-Head Doctor)

"The Right is yours, August"

Synopsis: A story about the right to be whoever you are. The American debut of director Erik Poppe and with a screenplay co-written by Academy Award nominated director Rob Marshall, is a true masterpiece in the style of Brokeback Mountain. After Louis and James meet and fall in love during a fatal bus crash, they keep in touch throughout the years, but they don't hide it, Louis (a Jewish-Russian immigrant, who made his money off of stocks) even names James (a middle-upper class lawyer) the legal guardian of his daughter. However when James catches a fatal virus and has to stay in a Hospital bed for the rest of his life, James's father has the finest care and even breaks the rules and brings his son some unallowed delights, but one thing he won't acknowledge is his son's desire to his
one true love, as James dies alone without the man he loves, Louis fights the law for his right to be considered family and see his one love before it's too late, with a star-studded cast including Lior Ashkenazi (Walk on Water), Victor Webster ("Sex and the City"), Anthony Hopkins (Red Dragon), Lindsay Lohan (Just My Luck), Natasha Richardson (The
White Countess), Jamie Foxx (Ray), and Timothy Spall (Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire), with original music by Elton John.

What the Press would say:

A true cinematic masterpiece, two not really well known actors (Lior Ashkenazi and Victor Webster) make a truly stupindous turn in American cinema. Every cast member gives a career best, and Erik Poppe shows America the truth about what we due, in a nation we claim is so free. This film leads a strong campaign with these:

Best Picture
Best Director Erik Poppe
Best Actor Lior Ashkenazi
Best Actor Victor Webster
Best Supporting Actor Anthony Hopkins
Best Supporting Actor Jamie Foxx
Best Supporting Actor Timothy Spall
Best Supporting Actress Lindsay Lohan
Best Supporting Actress Natasha Richardson
Best Original Screenplay Erik Poppe & Rob Marshall
Best Original Score Elton John
Best Original Song "No One Can Say We'Re Not Aloud to Love Eachother"
Music & Lyrics Elton John
Plus various technical noms.

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