Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: Brett
Location: Wisconsin


Directed by Sam Mendes
Written by Alan Ball
Music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Principal Cast:

Jim Carrey as John Rapaport
Kristin Davis as Julie Rapaport
Famke Janssen as Madame Celeste
Catherine Keener as Madame Lucerne
Giovanni Ribisi as Lyle Wallace
Natalie Portman as Lacie Wallace
Scarlett Johannson as Luella Baker

Tagline: What's hidden in your closet?

Synopsis: John Rapaport (Carrey) is a middle aged vitamin salesman going through a rut in his marriage. His over exhausted wife Julie (Davis) is too preoccupied with her job to have a sexual appetite, leaving John starving for attention. Then, one day at a pharmaceutical convention, John meets the beautiful Celeste Hutton (Janssen). intrigued by her beauty, John starts a secretive affair with Celeste, only to discover she is a dominatrix by night. John continues his affair by frequently visiting Celeste at her place of work, Leather Inc., headed by the abrasive but sexy Madame Lucerne (a never better Catherine Keener). Following his sexual revelation, John introduces his new addiction of domination to his naive neighbor Lyle (Ribisi). However, when Julie and Lyle's wife Laci (Portman) discover their husbands endeavors, they engage in a sly and vindictive sexual retaliation with the help of a gorgeous call girl (Johannson). Soon, the battle of the sexes escalates into a full blown war of whips and chains.

What the press would say:

The Academy Award Winning team that brought you American Beauty delivers another intriguing Comedy starring the marvelously subdued Jim Carrey. Carrey's performance is not only complemented by the team of Mendes and Ball, but also that of the scene-stealing performances of the glorious Catherine Keener, the disarming Famke Janssen, and the
endearing Giovanni Ribisi. This sexy and hard-as-nails film takes you places cinema has never dared to go before! The early Oscar campaign is pushing for these nods:

Best Director: Sam Mendes
Best Original Screenplay: Alan Ball
Best Actor: Jim Carrey
Best Actress: Catherine Keener
Best Supporting Actor: Giovanni Ribisi
Best Supporting Actress: Famke Janssen
Best Costume Design: Colleen Atwood
Best Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki

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