Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: J.D. Judge
Location: Niagara Falls, New York

Directed by Zhang Yimou
Written by Akiva Goldsman
Original Music by Shigeru Umebayashi
"Legends (The Theme)" composed and written by Shigeru Umebayashi & Tim Rice

Main Cast:
Josh Hutcherson as Kevin Meran
Daveigh Chase as Anna
George Clooney as President Meran
Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Meran
Freddie Highmore as Jamie Linley
Scarlett Johansson as Domi Engull
~and the voices of~
Ziyi Zhang as Pikachu
Tom Kenny as Squirtle
Ralph Fiennes as Lugia

"Even though it might not have existed, it meant so much to many people."

One of the biggest animes of all time, "Pokemon" comes to the screen in live-action. In 2293, the remains of the old earth are being discovered piece by piece. The archaeologists digging all over the planet conclude to one common theory: Pokemon roamed the earth. They regail of their thoughts of the same story of the great World War III, which, as they thought was a great war of the Power of Pokemon. Kevin Meran is the President's son, who leads the revolution from the enslaving Sea-land Pokemon and the adventures and life of this apparent "god" by the future people.

Zhang Yimou directs first English-language film, which is written by Academy Award-winner Akiva Goldsman. Shigeru Umebayashi composes the score, with help for the song "Legends (The Theme)" by Academy Award-winning lyricist Tim Rice.

What the Press would say:

Warner has gone all out for this visual masterpiece of action, drama, romance, and an acting ensemble worthy of any award given. Josh Hutcherson gives one the best performances ever given by an actor under the age of 30, and this is all from a Pokemon movie! Already a winner of an amazing 8 Golden Globe awards and 3 SAG awards, including Best Ensemble, it has a record 15 nominations at the Oscars, including one for Ralph Fiennes, who played the CGI Lugia, the first in the Academy's history:

Best Picture (GG and SAG winner (Ensemble))
Best Director - Zhang Yimou (GG and PGA winner)
Best Actor - Josh Hutcherson (GG and SAG winner)
Best Supporting Actor - George Clooney (GG and SAG winner)
Best Supporting Actor - Ralph Fiennes (GG and SAG nominee)
Best Supporting Actress - Nicole Kidman (GG winner and SAG nominee)
Best Original Screenplay - Akiva Goldsmith (GG and WGA winner)
Best Original Score - Shigeru Umebayashi (GG winner)
Best Original Song - "Legends (The Theme)" Written by Shigeru Umebayashi and Tim Rice (GG winner)
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography - Christopher Doyle
Best Makeup
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Visual Effects
...which a good chance in every one.

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